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Want to find some fun tools to get your creativity going? Check out these great places to find just what you need for your arts and crafts business.

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f you're looking for inspiration to find crafts to sell, then you'll love this book by Martha Stewart. The Encyclopedia of Crafts is filled with detailed instructions for crafting everything, plus inspiring photos and ideas.
Creativity Resources
Encyclopedia of Crafts
If you're looking for a wealth of crafting inspiration, look no further than Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. This comprehensive guide has 200 craft projects and it's a very helpful resource.
Discount School Supply offers a wide variety of arts and crafts supplies at a fraction of the price. When you need supplies, stock up and save.
Creativity Resources
Save on Arts & Crafts
Discount School Supply has a wide selection of arts and crafts supplies, including paints, brushes, ribbons, and a lot more. See what craft supplies you need today.
Want to find the best deals of Shutterfly? Check out these current offers and see how you can save on your next purchase. Be sure to take advantage of these special offers before they expire!
Creativity Resources
Special Offers from Shutterfly
Shutterfly offers a wide range of special offers, including discounts on photo books, prints, and other customized products. Find out what you have been missing with these great deals.
Looking for art supplies? Blick Art Materials has everything you need, from paints and brushes to canvases and easels at great prices - check out their deals today!
Creativity Resources
Blick Deals & Free Offers
Blick Art Materials has everything an artist needs to get creative, and they have great deals on art supplies so you can stay within your budget. Check out these amazing deals, today!
This powerful serger can easily take your sewing projects to the next level. With its air threading technology, it's easy to change threads quickly and without any hassle. Plus, the AIRFLOW 3000 is perfect for both beginners and advanced sewers alike!
Creativity Resources
AIRFLOW 3000 Serger is a Must-Have for Any Sewing Room
The AIRFLOW 3000 is here for 2023! It can cut and finish seams all in one pass, and changing threads is a breeze with Air Threading Technology. Ideal for beginners and advanced sewers.
Discount School Supply offers a variety of products at discounted prices. Save up to 80% on the clearance items with these great offers.
Creativity Resources
Save up to 80%
Do you want to save even more money at Discount School Supply? You'll find an impressive amount of supplies at reduced prices. With so many options, you're sure to find something you'll love.
Michaels Craft Stores is a great place to buy arts and crafts supplies for any project. See what deals you can find when shopping for arts and crafts at Michaels.
Creativity Resources
Michaels Arts and Crafts
Michaels Craft Stores is a perfect place to find arts and crafts supplies. They offer a wide selection of supplies at great prices, making it a excellent option for crafters of all levels. Check out these sales to save even more.
You can buy Escoda Versatil brushes at Blick Art Materials, an art supply store. They come in different shapes and sizes, with enhanced durability that will last.
Creativity Resources
Escoda Versatil Brushes
At Blick Art Materials, you can find Escoda Versatil art brushes. These brushes are ideal for most artists and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
Blick Art Materials offers a wide selection of ceramics and pottery supplies, kilns, scuplting supplies, including paints and glazes. Be sure to check out these amazing deals.
Creativity Resources
Blick Ceramic and Pottery
If you're looking for high-quality ceramics and sculpture supplies, Blick Art Materials is the place to go. In addition to a wide variety of pottery supplies, Blick also offers kilns and firing accessories. With so many products to choose from, Blick is sure to have what you need!
With Creative Market's free design asset downloads, you can find everything you need to take your creative business to the next level.
Creativity Resources
Free Fonts & Digital Assets
Are you looking for new fonts, icons, or templates? Don't forget to download four featured assets each week or become a member to unlock the entire monthly bundle of graphics, templates, fonts and more!