2022 Shopify Review: Pros and Cons for Using Shopify to Sell Online

Have you been wondering if Shopify is the right choice for your business? If so, here is an honest review of Shopify, including both the pros and the cons. Shopify is a well known ecommerce platform and may be the perfect solution for your creative business. But, before you decide to use Shopify, you want to make sure you know all the pros and cons before opening your Shopify store.

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1. What is Shopify?

Shopify is an extremely popular ecommerce platform, with over 2 million merchants using the platform. It is a cloud-based ecommerce platform for businesses of all sizes to create an online store. It offers users a customizable platform, an easy-to-use checkout process, and a wide range of features.

The Shopify platform is a hosted solution. It runs on its own servers, so you don't have to buy web hosting or install any software. It is considered an all-in-one solution, making it popular for many businesses that want to sell online.

2. Pros of Using Shopify

Shopify is an easy to use ecommerce platform with a wide range of features, making it perfect for those just starting out selling their crafts online.
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There are several reasons why you might consider using Shopify for your online store. Here are some of the biggest reasons that creative shop owners use Shopify:

Get Started Quickly

Although it can take some time to get used to, Shopify is relatively easy to get started. All you need is to sign up and enter some basic information about your store, such as the name, address, and payment methods. Then you can start adding products and customizing your store.

You can have a fully functioning store up and running pretty quickly, without having to hire someone to create your website. There are tons of customization options available, so you can make sure your store is exactly how you want it to look.

Easy to Use

Even if you don't have any technical experience when it comes to designing a website, you'll be able to create an online store with Shopify. You don’t need any coding skills or previous experience with website design in order to create a professional looking website using Shopify.

Sell Online or In Person

One really nice benefit to using Shopify is that you can sell your creative products online or in person. This is very helpful, especially if you plan to sell at craft shows or other events.

You can also use Shopify's POS system to accept credit cards in person. You can use a wide range of payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, Shopify payments, and even cryptocurrencies. By having the ability to sell both online and in person, you can reach a wider audience and make more sales.

A Large Number of Themes Available

There are over 100 themes available for Shopify stores. Shopify themes are templates that control the overall look and feel of your online store. The themes are fully customizable, so you can customize them for your own use.

With so many themes, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of design so you can create a unique store for your online business. There’s no need to worry about hosting or website design — Shopify takes care of all of that for you.

Plus, many of these themes are beautiful and will provide the professional feel that your company will benefit from. With so many themes available, you're sure to find one that's appropriate for your business.

If you cannot find a theme on Shopify, Creative Market has a large selection of Shopify themes. You'll have difficulty finding another site with this many options for designing your online store!  It offers over 640 optimized ecommerce sites designed specifically around dropshipping , retailing and wholesale businesses. With responsive design capabilities that work across mobile devices as well, you can be sure to find something perfect for your business.

Extensive Apps to Offer Additional Features

In addition to the number of themes, Shopify also offers thousands of apps that can give you the ability to easily add products and manage your inventory. These apps can track orders and shipping, and even offer discounts and coupons to your customers.

You can also use Shopify's blog feature to write articles about your products or company that will help market your business. This is a very effective way to connect with potential customers and create a connection with your audience.

You Have Full Control

When you open a Shopify store, you own your site and have full legal control over it. This means that you can sell whatever products you want, and you're not limited by the terms of service of other platforms like Etsy. Because you're in full control, you do not have to worry that the platform could shut down your store without notice.

24/7 Customer Support

One of the nice things about Shopify is that they offer 24/7 customer support. So, if you have any questions or run into any problems, you can always contact them for help.

3. Cons of Shopify

Shopify is a platform that helps you create an online store. But you need to know the pros and cons before using Shopify to start an e-commerce store to sell your handmade goods.

As with all platforms, there are a number of cons that you need to consider before you decide to use Shopify. Below, are some of the biggest ones:


Shopify plans start at $29 a month for basic plans, and advanced plans can reach $299 a month. However, if you want to use some of the more advanced features, including apps, you'll need to pay an additional fee. However, Shopify does not hide the fees and is very upfront about what you'll need to pay.

Some merchants have elected to use Shopify Starter, which is beneficial for businesses that are selling on social media. The cost is $5 per month, which is affordable for new shop owners that are testing the waters and do not want to commit to an entire online shop.

If you already have a website or are selling in person, Shopify Lite is another option. The Shopify Lite option is $9 per month, but creative shops cannot build an online store. If all you need is to sell in-person or add a buy button to your website, this may be a prefect alternative.

Required to Use Paid Themes

Although there are a number of themes, there are only 9 free themes. Most themes will cost you a one time fee of $180-$350. It is difficult to justify spending that much money on a theme when you are just starting out.

If you're on a tight budget, you may need to either choose a free template or even a different platform to sell your crafts. If you decide to use a free theme, you can also upgrade later when you can justify spending the additional fees. Although this will cause you additional work, it can benefit you in the short term.

Transaction Fees

When using Shopify Payments, you will not be charged transaction fees. However, in most cases, you will be charged high prices for the transaction fees if you use a different payment processor, such as PayPal. As Shopify Payments is not available in all countries, you may need to use a different payment processor, which can end up costing you more in transaction fees.

Additional Costs For Apps

Shopify offers a wide range of apps that can help increase the functionality of your store, but they rely heavily on these apps to get your store up and running correctly. There are several apps that are free, but most of these apps come with a monthly fee, which can quickly add up.

If you plan on using a lot of apps, you need to factor in these additional costs when deciding if Shopify is right for your business. When you add the monthly fees, the cost of a paid theme, transaction fees, as well as the costs of the apps, Shopify can become a very expensive platform. This may not be worth it for your creative business.

Limited Customization

While there is some flexibility in terms of design and layout, you are somewhat limited when it comes to customization with Shopify. This can be problematic if you want to really make your store stand out from your competition. You may find it difficult to create a truly unique store.

Not all Themes are Responsive

When creating any website, it is essential that it is a responsive website. A responsive website is one that adjusts to fit the screen size of the device that it is being viewed on. This is important as more and more people are shopping on their mobile devices.

Shopify does have a number of responsive themes, but not all themes are responsive. This can be a huge problem if you do not pay attention to the theme when you pick one that suits your business. If you choose a theme that is not mobile-friendly, it can make your website difficult to navigate on a mobile device, which can result in lost sales.

Limited Bandwidth

Shopify limits the amount of bandwidth that you can use, which means your store could crash if you get too much traffic. If this happens (which would not be a big problem since that likely means you are making money), you will need to pay an additional fee to have your store back up and running.


If you are looking for a custom website, Shopify might not be the best solution. While you can use Shopify to create a website, it is limited in terms of customization. If you need a more unique website, you might want to consider other platforms. For a more customized option, you may want to consider BlueHost, GoDaddy, and our favorite Webflow.

Customer Support

Although they do offer customer support, you may find that the general customer service is not as helpful as you would like. When it comes to technical support, you may need to post on the forum or search for answers to your questions yourself.

4. Bottom Line

If you are deciding if Shopify is right for your creative business, look at this 2022 before you sign up to use the Shopify platform for your ecommerce business

Overall, Shopify is a reliable platform for selling your creative products online or in person. If you are looking for an easy to use platform with a wide range of features, Shopify is a viable option. You can easily add your products and your business will have a professional website to sell your creative products.

However, there are some downsides that you need to consider before using Shopify. The themes are quite expensive, and you must also consider the cost of apps when deciding if this is the right platform for your business. Additionally, there are some restrictions on customization and bandwidth, which could impact your store's ability to handle traffic.

Before you decide to use Shopify for your business, consider the benefits and drawbacks of the platform. By balancing the pros and cons, you can make the right decision for your creative business.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to know about other platforms, make sure to check out our other posts., such as our reviews of BlueHost, GoDaddy, or our favorite, Webflow for finding the best platform to sell your crafts online.

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